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HS33 lat pulldown/low row

HS33 lat pulldown/low row




Packing Size:1520×820×600mm 

Weight Stack:96kg+4.6kg

Low row trainer action:

1、Adjust the proper sitting posture according to the arm length, with two pedals on the pedals, chest out, abdomen and waist up, palms of two hands facing each other, holding the lever, and arms tightening up the body, which is the starting position of the movement. 2. Pull back to the chest, exhale at the same time, stabilize for 

2、Seconds, slowly return to 90% of the original path, inhale at the same time, and repeat the above actions.

Lat pulldown trainer action:

1.Sit down before pulling down the training machine, and use wide handles with high pulleys. Adjust the knee pad to the proper position. Knee pads can prevent the body from rising due to resistance. 

2. Hold the handle with the palm of your hand forward. Pay attention when grasping: the distance between hands exceeds the shoulder width when holding wide; Hands are as wide as shoulders in middle grip. The distance between hands is less than shoulder width in narrow grip. 3. Hold the handle in front, straighten your arms, tilt your body and head back about 30 degrees, bend your lower back and hold your chest. This is the starting position of the action.

4. While exhaling, pull the shoulder and upper arm back and down, and pull down the handle until touching the upper chest,Pause for one second in the tightening posture, tighten the shoulder blades, slowly restore the handles to the starting position, straighten the arms, and fully extend the latissimus dorsi.

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